Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ready for that Elmore Road Roundabout?

Roundabout location in yellow.
Stan Vanover, project manager for the Alaska Airlines Center (UAA's big new sports arena), is overseeing the construction of the Elmore Roundabout, to be situated on Elmore Road just past the turn for the University Lake Building along Elmore.

Knowing Alaskans like to get ready for their roundabouts, we checked in with Stan this week to see how plans are coming along. He obliged by creating this schematic that shows exactly where the roundabout will be located. Cornerstone Construction will do the work.

Stan reported that the Alaska DOTPF has officially approved the construction plan and work can now begin. Look for activity to start Monday, July 22, although pedestrian and vehicle traffic won't be affected initially.

Periodic traffic disruptions or road closures will be scheduled for weekends, and we could see one as early as Saturday, July 27.

The projected completion date is  approximately Wednesday, Sept. 7.


hockeypuck said...

As long as it's not one of those triple roundabouts like the one at Dowling, I can learn to live with it! :D

Mia Hart said...

I am looking for a company that does new construction in Salem, Oregon. Do you happen to have any recommendations? Please let me know, thanks.