Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How South Lot will look through the winter (another row of parking added back in)

Right now, two bays of parking are available on the west side of the South Lot in front of Wells Fargo Sports Complex. Once the contractor is able to pull his equipment in closer to the Engineering Building site, another bay of parking will open in this lot, for an addition of roughly 60 more spaces. Pictured at left is the expected status for this parking lot and construction site throughout this winter. Illustration provided by Facilities. Click here for a larger version.

Meanwhile, an analysis of spaces within the fenced area in the North Lot behind GHH shows that moving all this gear will open up 104 spaces. The new shuttle stop in this lot will take up four spots, and cutting the curb will eat two more. But an additional 30 parking spots will be available outside of the fenced area as Facilities continues to relocate its equipment to allow more parking in this lot.

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